We recognise that change comes in many forms, from minor process changes to full organisational transformation, but successful change is difficult and requires a strong mix of skills which focus on people, process and purpose.

We have considerable experience of managing change in many environments and situations and have over the years built up considerable knowledge of change management approaches, tools and methods.  This means we are able to use the most effective approaches in each circumstance, increasing the likelihood of successful change.

We believe that to successfully change anything requires a great understanding of the current situation, careful planning, but most of all, the engagement and ideally participation of the people the change affects in the change itself.

Our experience covers small process change through to large scale organisational development, for instance:

  • Developing internal project and programme management practices using a commitment to change approach
  • Workplace transformation – introducing new technologies and processes using a personal development focus
  • FOI request process change – mapping processes and interactions
  • City-wide service redesign using collaborative partnerships, programme management, service design and narrative techniques
  • Organisational development of a large public sector organisation using culture change models and motivational approaches
  • Building a business needs driven approach to developing IT systems
  • Developing a shared multi-organisational approach to booking community assets

All these changes were undertaken together with staff, customers, clients and stakeholders.  Treating these people as advocates and partners has meant that they owned the change and continued to improve on what had been done.