Blue Chula Therapy

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£60 face to face

£55 online/by phone


I currently work online on Tues evening and Friday daytime. I will be taking face to face clients in Sheffield from June 24

What to expect when you get in touch:

I will offer you a free 30 min online chat for us to see how we get on and talk about what you are looking for.

How/where will we meet?

We can meet in Sheffield, either in a lovely counselling room at The Practice Rooms in Broomhill, Sheffield or if you prefer, we can walk and talk at Weston Park, Crookesvalley Park or the Ponderosa, depending on your preference for gardens, water or trees.

The Practice Rooms

The Parks (friends of Crookesmoor Parks site)

Hi. I’m Aitch. I’m an integrative psychotherapist, and what is most important to me is that you feel safe to talk openly with me. We can work together to discover what feeling safe means to you, to create a place where you are comfortable enough to share your challenges.

I provide medium and long term therapy for adults.

I specialise in neurodivergence (ADHD, autism & learning challenges), anxiety, depression, change & life transitions, but I’m happy to talk to you about any therapy needs. If I can’t help you I probably know someone who can.

My approach

My approach is fundamentally person-centred, but I use different approaches and ways of working depending on what it is you would like to address. This varies with each person but can be anything from person-centred therapy to art therapy approaches, from storytelling to working with ways to connect with nature. I have also trained in therapeutic shamanism, so if that interests you, we can introduce shamanic approaches to look differently at what is happening in your world.

About me

I have had a somewhat meandering journey to psychotherapy, with many perilous mountains to climb, rivers to wade through, and beasts to battle. I came out as non-binary and was diagnosed ADHD with suspected autism in my 50’s. I’m now seeing more clearly the challenges others experience – in their work, their relationships, with their sense of identity, as a result of being neurodivergent.  I have worked with neurodivergent clients, but also with clients with eating disorders, long term chronic illness, depression, anxiety and with people dealing with the impact of domestic abuse.

I’m very creative, and interested in everything from psychology to physics, comparative religion to engineering. I adore animals and I relax by playing computer games or walking in the woods. I’m basically still the kid who was into everything that I was when I was little. But much older, and definitely wiser.